Registering and logging in


You'll get much more out of job escalator if you register your details. All CSP members can do this - just visit the registration page, answer a few quick questions, and wait for a confirmation email. When you click on the activation link in the email, your account will be opened up and ready to go.

If you can't find your CSP membership number (it's written on the back of your membership card), call the CSP on 020 7306 6666 for help.

Make sure that you use your full CSP membership number when you register. Full numbers are six digits long starting with a zero. Student numbers and associate numbers have an additional A or S at the start.

Logging in

Assuming that you've already registered, there are two ways to log in to job escalator:

  • Option one - log in as soon as you arrive. Type your username and password into the 'log in' panel on the home page. Job escalator will greet you with the details of suitable jobs as well as ones you are keeping an eye on and any applications you're working on. If you log in up front, all of the site features will be open to you without further delay.
  • Option two - log in only when you need to. Job escalator will soon shout when you try to do something that is just for members. Enter your details into the log in box and rest of the site will open up to you.

Forgotten log in details

If you can't remember your login details, or they aren't being accepted, use the forgot your password feature. If you're logging in from the home page, the link is right after the username and password boxes. If you're logging in from elsewhere, 'forgot your password' is in the second of the two navigation bars near the start of the page.

Type in your CSP membership number and your email address. If these match the ones you registered with, job escalator will send you a message with your details.

If you can't remember your CSP number, call the CSP on 020 7306 6666.

Searching for jobs

There are several ways to search for jobs:

  • Simple search - on the home page, choose some options in the 'search now' panel and then click on the 'search' button. The fewer options you choose, the wider your search. If you don't choose any options, you'll see all of the current jobs.
  • Advanced search - find it through the advanced search link in the 'search now' panel on the homepage, or from the search for jobs link in the 'vacancies' section. The advanced search gives you lots of options for refining your job hunt.
  • Interactive map - you can search for jobs in your region by choosing interactive map from the vacancies section. Move your pointer over the map. If you have Flash installed on your computer, you'll automatically see how many jobs there are in each region. Whether or not you've got Flash, you can click on a region to see a full list of those jobs.
  • Browse - choose browse jobs from the 'vacancies' section to see everything we've got.

Saving your search

Here's a good reason for registering and logging in. If you run a search when you're logged in, you'll see a link at the end of the results list saying 'save this search'. By clicking this, you'll be able to quickly run the same search when you come back to the site in the future. In fact, job escalator will run the search for you automatically when you next log in and will tell you on the home page how many jobs match your criteria.

You can manage your saved searches in the 'my profile' section.

Setting up job alerts

Probably the best reason for signing up. When you log in and run a search, look for the link at the bottom of the listing saying 'add to job alerts'. When you create a job alert, job escalator will email you when jobs that match your criteria are added to the site - 'jobs that find you'.

You can update your job alerts in the my job alerts page in the 'vacancies' section, and manage how job escalator sends you emails in the email preferences part of the 'my profile' section.

Contacting job escalator

If you have any problems using job escalator that you can't sort out by reading this help page, send us a message using our contact form, or phone the CSP on 020 7306 6666.