We believe that everyone should be able to use job escalator, regardless of disability and however they choose to access the internet.

To this end, we've produced the site with accessibility in mind, without needing to sacrifice functionality or looks.

Site map

You can access a full list of the pages on Jobescalator by using the site map.


The site uses style sheets to control font colours and sizes. Feel free to override the standard settings through your web browser preferences.


There are 'hidden' shortcuts at the very start of each page that can take you straight to the main navigation area and to the main content area.

You should be able to access all parts of the site whether you use a screen reader, a text browser, or a keyboard without a mouse.

Access keys

You can jump straight to the main sections of the site using access keys. By pressing the ALT key in combination with an access key, then pressing the RETURN key, you can automatically select the following pages:

  • Alt + 1: Vacancies
  • Alt + 2: Employers
  • Alt + 3: My Profile
  • Alt + 4: Jobs advice
  • Alt + 5: Advertising
  • Alt + 6: About the CSP
  • Alt + 7: Contact Us
  • Alt + 8: Sitemap

(Mac users should press the CONTROL key plus the access key without pressing the RETURN key).

PDFs and other downloadable documents

If you need help with downloading and opening files, see the downloads section of our help page.